Crushers For A Cause

Our mission is simple: provide quality and visually-appealing clothing at affordable prices. As we have been fulfilling this mission, the lives of those less fortunate than our customers come to mind. Homeless people are a large people group who struggle to find shelter, food, and clothing. As such, it is our promise as a company that we will donate 1 t-shirt or sweatshirt for every 1 item that we sell. If you immediately want to make an impact, feel free to donate $10 for a t-shirt or $20 for a sweatshirt to be given to a homeless person. Our first phase of donations will take place on August-end.

CFAC summed up:

  • A way for Crushers to give back to the homeless community
  • The company will donate 1 t-shirt/sweatshirt for every order
  • Optionally, donating $10 or $20 for a t-shirt or sweatshirt, respectively, will automatically increase the donation supply
  • Should you have any questions, contact Araash or the Crushers email directly

  • Make a change today!